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Employee Spotlight: King Martin, Property Manager

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By Buckingham Properties

At Buckingham Properties, we feel it is essential to honor those putting in exceptional work for the team. With this in mind, we magnify King Martin’s role as Property Manager. King has been a part of the Buckingham family for six years now. He has become recognized in the company as someone who has a consistent good attitude, always bringing new ideas and following through on his commitments. His proactive mindset is the reason he is such a trusted member of the company. The way he approaches challenges or tasks related to managing properties can be described in six words – ‘see it, think it, do it’.

Over the years, King’s commitment and passion for our work have been evident in every role undertaken. Recently, we were thrilled to announce King’s promotion to Property Manager. This milestone not only emphasizes King’s exceptional leadership and problem-solving skills, but also highlights the opportunities for growth and development available within our company.

King plays a crucial role in our daily operations as a Property Manager, responsible for overseeing Monroe Clover Plaza, Oak Hill Commons, and several properties on Elmwood Ave. Known as a calm and reliable figure, King is the go-to person for any property-related needs through his spaces. His adeptness with hands-on tasks seamlessly translates into his role, where daily operations revolve around meticulous property maintenance. Whether that is planting the landscaping that will continue to grow with the property or completing a job that will be on display for years to come, he stresses the importance of taking the time to do it right as it is a direct reflection of himself.

He finds joy in meeting new people on jobsites and working with his hands. He says, ‘everybody has unique personalities’, and he enjoys getting to learn from each new perspective. Outside of King’s daily role as a property manager, he has even taken the initiative to train a new employee – show them the ropes and give them insight into the company.

King Martin is not only dedicated to his role at Buckingham Properties, but also leads a vibrant life outside of the office. He enjoys spending quality time with his daughters, whether it’s singing karaoke together or engaging in their favorite activities. His commitment to family values and bonding time reflects his nurturing spirit both at home and in the workplace. He also loves to draw, his artistic talents complement his precise attention to detail in property management, showcasing a well-rounded personality. Along with his artistic endeavors, King enjoys DJing, bringing energy and entertainment to various events and gatherings. His love for music not only enriches his personal life but also highlights his ability to create positive experiences for others, aligning with Buckingham Properties’ commitment to enhancing community and tenant relations.

King’s advice to aspiring professionals reflects his own journey – it is important to pay attention, soak up all the knowledge you can, work hard and ‘people are going to notice’. Reflecting on his six-year adventure with Buckingham Properties, King recognizes the crucial role patience plays in professional growth. His composed and loveable energy contributes an invaluable puzzle piece to any environment he is a part of. Please help us in celebrating King and his incredible journey and the profound impact he’s had on our team and company culture overall. Looking forward, we expect King Martin to continue providing exceptional leadership in property management for many years to come!

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