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Employee Spotlight: Chris Leistman, Director of Safety and Risk Management

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By Buckingham Properties

At Buckingham Properties, we take pride in recognizing the outstanding contributions of our team members. Today, we shine the spotlight on Chris Leistman, our esteemed Director of Safety and Risk Management, whose remarkable 33-year journey with us embodies the spirit of dedication, growth, and excellence. Chris has not only witnessed the company’s evolution over the years, but has also played a pivotal role in shaping our safety and risk management practices.

Chris’s role has been crucial to our daily operations, overseeing insurance, tenant and employee safety, and life safety systems with a keen eye for detail that has shaped our company’s standards. Starting his journey with Buckingham Properties at just 17 years old, Chris’s path has been one of integrity and continuous growth, stressing how important it is to always, “do the right thing even when no one is watching” as well as always, “learn from your mistakes”.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Chris’s career here is his career transition from demolition work to the formation of a brand-new role and need within our organization for safety and risk management. His contributions to the formation of this role not only showcase his leadership, but also led to the implementation of life-saving policies aimed at protecting our employees and tenants. “I know I make a difference. Since I started in safety, the years of data prove a good safety culture saves money and lives,” said Chris when asked how he has stayed motivated in his role all these years.

Chris’s journey has been influenced by mentors like Buckingham Properties’ co-founder, Larry Glazer, whose drive for success inspired Chris to pursue further education and certifications, ultimately leading to his current role. Today, the encouragement and understanding from his boss, Senior Director of Facilities Alex Gales as well as President Bill Sondericker keep him motivated to increase responsibility outside his official scope. In the last year, Chris stepped up, taking on roles in facility supervision at one of our more high-demand properties, driving significant improvements in revenue and customer satisfaction.

Beyond work, Chris treasures time with family and friends, stressing the importance of work-life balance. He has a love for travel and commemorates his excursions by collecting baseball caps from every MLB stadium he sets foot in.

Chris’s advice to aspiring professionals echoes his own journey—hard work, continuous learning, and a commitment to integrity are the keys to success in any industry. Join us in celebrating Chris Leistman’s remarkable journey and the invaluable contributions he has made to our team and company culture. We look forward to many more years of outstanding strides in safety and risk management led by Chris in his time at Buckingham Properties.

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